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Hi! We’re Megan & Rio, and we’re really excited about our Ghost House project.

We’ve been living and traveling together since 2013, and we recently got the opportunity to live in and serve as the caretakers of a historical house in Massachusetts.

Although we’ve lived in 4 states, and six apartments, we’ve never done anything like this. So we started this blog to share the process–assuming anyone else finds this interesting.

Here we are summer of 2016, hiking around the PNW.

The PB House

Don’t ask me when this photo was taken because I have no idea. But it was definitely after 1715, since they didn’t have cameras then.
I also don’t know when this photo was taken, but it’s in color, so that tells us something, haha.

The house is pretty famous, actually, in that it has its own wikipedia page:


And website:


But really all you need to know is that it was built in 1715, it’s somehow still standing, and it needs a little TLC.

It’s divided into two sections–we’ll live in the back section (built in the mid-1800’s) and maintain the front as a small historical museum.

We also get to restore/renovate a little bit in the back half of the house as it really needs some work.

Which of course, is why we needed a blog. Doing a huge amount of work is a little more fun when you can tell people all about it.

Join us this spring/summer for our adventures in squirrel trapping, garden building, wall patching, floor sanding, re-painting, etc. as we try to make this old house feel like a real home!