An Introductory Post about Messes and Meeting the Neighbors

Hi friends! Hello and welcome!

We got the keys about two weeks ago, and Rio’s been making regular visits and check ups on the property. Already there are several big details that need work.

The first is that the whole property is in kind of a gulch where all the neighborhood trash gets blown on a windy day, so somebody (Rio) has to pick it up. And unfortunately for said person (Rio), we have had a lot of windy days this winter.

The second is that the house is full of squirrels! Turns out if any dwelling around here is empty for longer than a month, somebody else is going to move in.If you know me, though, you know that this is my cue to get excited about this project.

My first real visit to the house was to aid in the capture and release of this charming neighbor:

Look at this guy! What a cutie, right?

He was SO MAD. Also, we came by on foot that day (our current apartment is only a few blocks away), so we had to carry him for two miles before releasing him into the woods surrounding an old cemetery.

The odds of him coming back are actually pretty good, but squirrels are really smart, so we’re hoping his night in squirrel jail taught him a thing or two about trespassing.

That said, Rio pointed out that one wall of the house is a massive walnut storage area, so we’re going to be packing that with steel wool shortly.

I’m actually really impressed with the house itself. It’s got three bedrooms, one-and-a-half bathrooms, and some decent light throughout the day. And, I mean, okay, it’s FILTHY, like, horrifically filthy–as in, the walls are covered in stains and the ceiling is peeling–but that’s okay, because our move in date isn’t until July. So we have some time!!

A few friends have already given me the “oh whoa, are you SURE about this, bud?” talk, but honestly I think once it gets cleaned out everything is manageable. (Um. I think. Like I’ve said, it’s an adventure.)

Rio went and got a push broom right away and shoved a pile of dirt the size of a small child out of the house last week, and we’re looking at the pros and cons of just hiring a cleaning service to deal with the accumulated scunge across the house (like, in the corners of cabinets and embedded in the windowsills).

But some of the cleaning is fun!

There are two partially built garden plots that need to be cleared out–my main focus this week–and I’ll get to paint a bunch of rooms. We’re looking at kind of a colonial inspired style to match the front part of the house, so if you wanna flip through my pinterest board (I know what I sound like-and I hate it) here are some ideas for colors and looks:

In the mean time, I figure it might help to add a few additional photos, so here are some I took myself (my phone is really old, so these aren’t great).

Also, keep in mind, spring hasn’t really hit here yet, so I’m imagining that the yard and everything will be much prettier once the trees aren’t, you know, all dead and snaggled and once the grass comes back.

With that, thanks for tuning in! Our next update *should* be about gardening, and I’m really looking forward to it!

Here’s the side of the house where we’ll live.
Honestly I think it’s more charming than the older side! But don’t tell the family of ghost residents that.
Here’s the view of the property from the front door. There’s so much open space, and (huge benefit) no nearby neighbors with floodlights so it might actually be dark at night on this street.

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