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Update #3: The Bedroom

Oh man, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it. Fun reminder–as I discovered while working on the living room–with a house like this, you don’t really get to go room by room, but you kind of work on all of them at once and nothing ever gets finished and everything gets dirtier and more covered with … Continue reading Update #3: The Bedroom

“The Wall” Saga

I’m going to tag along with Megan’s quick post about the floor and do a short one on “The Wall.” This particular project was one of the biggest unknowns we had to tackle. It was a clearly rotten wall, but the big question was, “what is causing the rot?” Rot is a tricky beast, and … Continue reading “The Wall” Saga

This Old House

Ok! I’m back to bring you the first installment in a new series I’m calling: “Holy S**t There’s A Lot To Do!” On this week’s episode I will give you an overview of the projects and work needed on the PB House. This list is, in part, derived from my initial walkthrough of the house … Continue reading This Old House

Update #1: Garden Plots

Hey hey team, welcome back! One thing I’m particularly excited about is that the PB House sits on six acres of land. Sure, most of it is some kind of conservation land that is totally impassable once the wetland plant life grows up over the summer, BUT there is still plenty of space for us … Continue reading Update #1: Garden Plots

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